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Safe Cycling in the Road

It is important to learn how to bike safely on the road. Try to stay in the left lane. But not to edge too, because usually shatter glass / glass and sharp objects cause leaking tire, it is there. You have the same vehicle with other users. Bersepedalah with a 2-3 foot distance from the mouth asphalt. Give space to others on the vehicle through without disrupting the current path you use. Use the hint-hand turn and make sure before installing a number of reflector when cycling
in the dark.

Wearing helmet

If you want more secure cycling, always use a bicycle helmet. Injuries in other body parts can still be treated and recover, while the brain cell injury is very difficult to detect and difficult to be cured. Head visit bike shops and select the one that has a helmet safety standard corresponding your cycling skills. Choose which really feels fit with the size of your head and adjust the strap so that the helmet pengikatnya not easily be separated. Do not slack to tension or vice versa.

Use shifter

Many people who love cycling using the highest gear all the time.
Purpose heart want to get the speed as closely as possible. As a
result, they paddle with a hard and fast lethargy. Way so not only
cause the weary foot-weary, but also can damage the muscles and joint. But how efficient is that cyclists take the stroke (cadence) is in the range of 80-100 rounds permenit (RPM). Use shifter in order to maintain the cadence depending on the conditions that faced the road. Lower gear when the road uphill. Do not feel reluctant to take shifter as often as possible, for the comfort of your foot pedal when the pedal. Better cycling with safe and comfortable, rather than solely pursue speed.

Handlebar control in the curve

This is due to appear only need to rotate the handlebar, the direction and veer right handlebar is quite a while want to add a stroke more quickly. Reasonable if the first time you feel afraid to bend when passing a bicycle appears italics. But the expert rider can even tilt up to a bicycle near 45 degrees with no drop.Practice early in the curve with speed without being rigid. The more you practice, feelings of fear will be lost through a twist in itself.


There are myths that the braking on the front wheel can cause a cyclist can terjungkal. This myth is not entirely correct, front brake
is more work than the rear brake. Front brake capable of stopping a
bicycle more efficient rate.

Cycling in line Off-Road

Many unique challenges that lie in the path off-road. Cycling will
feel more comfortable because of past land, grass, trees, and other
natural scenery. However, never try to put off non-bike on the road
this path. In addition also contains many dangerous risks, such as a
flat tire. Use a bicycle that is designed for off-road if you want to
ride a bicycle across mereguk enjoyment of nature. Mountain bike
(mountain bike) is the best option. Consider the jaur passed fit your
cycling ability. Do not be ashamed to play the lead or a bicycle, if
the road conditions are too difficult to pass.

Bicycle Fitness

Cycling merupaka the best way to gain health. If you do not
already exercise, start slowly with the body so. with a short distance in the beginning stage (less than hourly) and try to regularly (4-5 times a week). At this time the body will experience adjustment. To avoid injury, do not be too heavy or cycling in the far distance. After a week or two next sunday, you're ready to add the distance and the longer cycle time. Follow to join the local bike club.
(Source http://www.polygoncycle.com/)
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